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Freddie Bitsoie’s New Book Proves Native American Cooking Is Far From Boring

Freddie Bitsoie never imagined a career in food when he was younger, although in retrospect it has always been an underlying theme in his work, he says The Independent. In fact, it wasn’t until an impromptu conversation with his professor of anthropology at the University of Albuquerque that he really thought of it. He had […]

American cuisine

Italian cuisine much tastier and healthier than American cuisine | Opinion

I recently visited Italy during spring break, and eating a lot of food in America usually makes me feel so gross and bloated. However, Italian food, no matter how much I ate, never made me feel bad. Surprisingly, I didn’t gain weight in Italy, although I consumed double the food and wine that I usually […]

American cuisine

El Guanaco in Overland offers authentic Central American cuisine made from scratch

A growing number of Latin American restaurants in St. Louis offer authentic and varied aspects of South and Central American foods. El Guanaco Taqueria and Pupuseria (10633 pages) is one of the leaders of this trend. The restaurant, which opened in May 2020 just after the pandemic began, has remained under the radar, located next […]

American cuisine

How Pilgrims Made Apples Part of American Cooking

North Carolina historical sites reveal that the first apple seeds were brought to America by pilgrims in 1620 who lived in what we now call Massachusetts. Apple trees quickly found a home in this region and quickly spread to northeast Maryland where, at one point, 90% of farms in that state grew apples. This fruit […]

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Karen’s Diner: restaurant with ‘rude staff, terrible service and singing waiters’ now open in Sheffield

Karen’s Diner is described as an immersive and fleeting dining experience not to be missed, especially if you like to complain. It opened in a venue on Suffolk Road in the city center on Saturday to rave reviews in Australia. Read more Read more Risto Deli 2 Terre: Sheffield’s Italian restaurant is launching a fun […]

American cuisine

Central American Food Trucking Through Taiwan

Four food trucks offering free delicacies from Belize, Guatemala and Honduras began a nationwide tour in Taipei on Saturday to promote Central American cuisine and culture, organized by the Central America Trade Office. The food trucks are traveling together to various regions in Taiwan to offer traditional foods from Taiwan’s three Central American allies for […]

American cuisine

Redefining soul food and the history of American cuisine

You’ve probably never had pork and beans like this, with edamame and tomatoes. And how’s that for a centerpiece: “This fat mama is our Berkshire pork knuckle,” chef Chris Williams said. Correspondent Maurice DuBois asked, “When you said pork and beans, it’s literally not what we imagined.” Chef Chris Williams Pork & Beans with Berkshire […]