American cuisine

Burger van brings Asian and North American cuisine to Oldham

A BURGER van brings a fresh mix of Asian and North American cuisine to the borough.

The freshly baked ‘crushed patties’ by Gorilla Burgers on Featherstall Road draw customers from Cheshire.

Owner Azad Miah, 28, prepares the patties, which are created to make the meat as thin as possible, on the spot with his signature hot sauce.

Azad Miah holding a classic gorilla meal

The father-of-two rescued a hamburger van from a garden in Manchester, supplied it with food and fed it generators and gas cylinders for £ 3,500 to create Gorilla Burgers.

Azad said: “My father runs a very successful restaurant in Warrington and has the good old-fashioned values ​​of cleanliness and fresh food and my brother is in the business as well. I was a chef but wanted my own business and took a risk because I wanted to take care of my family. Someday I hope they inherit a fleet of Gorilla vans.

The burgers have proven popular in Anchor’s Business Park in Oldham, where the van is currently parked.

Azad added, “Due to the shopping area there are a lot of people coming here from Oldham and beyond and they seem to enjoy my mix of Asian and North American cuisine. It’s popular with all generations, young and old, and you can just drop by and have a rose tea if you want.

Azad is currently in talks with the Oldham Homeless-Friendly charity to provide fresh food for rough sleepers, admitting he would like to “share his success with those less fortunate.”

As the hamburger van is portable, the business owner has the flexibility to offer his services in a variety of locations.

Oldham Times:

Azad next to the eye-catching Gorilla Burgers van

He added: “My dream now is to open a store, with adequate seating facilities. I hope what I’m doing inspires other young Asian-British businessmen to take this risk, because it can bring a reward.

“These are tough times for the economy and people are struggling to make a living – going it alone might be the best way to go.”

Gorilla Burgers is open daily from 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.