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Creative American cuisine for 30 years

Oscar’s of Dublin has been serving its “creative American cuisine” for 30 years, making it one of the oldest restaurants on Dublin’s famous historic promenade.

Back ribs at Oscar's of Dublin

Chef and owner Mike Tibbetts said his approach was quite simple.

“I research the product and the price and then build from that,” Tibbetts said.

The vegan sliders ($8) used Beyond Meat’s plant-based product topped with soft tofu-based aioli, house-made pickles and balsamic onions.

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“It’s just the combination you want – a little rich, you want a little salt, you want it sweet,” he said. “Combined, it tickles our palates.”

Another dish for the vegan crowd is eggplant parmesan ($17), sprinkled with seasoned flour and cornstarch porridge to create the crunchy texture. The sliced ​​and peeled eggplant is first soaked overnight in salted water to remove some of the bitterness.

It is then topped with marinara mushrooms, basil oil and cashew parmesan.

Kale Caesar Salad at Oscar's of Dublin

The Kale Caesar Salad ($6) uses a chiffonade of greens and gets its depth from the dressing – molasses, apple cider vinegar, pasteurized egg yolk, anchovies and oil. He reuses homemade bread crumbs and toss them over the salad with pecorino cheese and sliced ​​anchovies on request.

“I think what really triggers it is that we make our own bread,” he said.

Tiny chunks of smoked salmon and trout ($8) are tossed with a dip of sour cream, cream cheese and mayonnaise, a little citrus, capers and dill and topped with tomato relish and crostini on the side.

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“There’s no dancing around it,” Tibbetts said, “it’s a high-calorie dish.”

On the menu since day one, ribs ($26) are rubbed with a proprietary blend of spices, smothered in house sauce and lightly smoked for campfire essence. Tibbetts then braises the ribs in pork broth and serves them with jalapeño salad and house fries.

“Everything becomes a signature dish because the guests love it,” he said.

Another of Oscar’s specialties is walleye ($28), a freshwater fish known for its mild flavor and firm texture.

Back ribs at Oscar's of Dublin

It is lightly breaded and sautéed in clam juice or seafood broth and wine, served with crab sauce, a vegetable of the day and a parsnip and potato gratin.

The veal cutlets ($16 for a small portion, $25 for a large) offer a round top that’s pounded thin, dusted with flour, sautéed in olive oil and finished with a lemon-wine sauce.

The dish gets a double dose of shiitake and mushroom ground, little shards of caper brine, while rounded mashed potatoes are underlined with a wafer chip.

For the lunch crowd, Tibbetts suggests the turkey wrap ($11) with a crispy tortilla, containing charred tomato aioli, bean sprouts, avocado and Swiss cheese. Customers have a choice of salad, soup, jalapeno slaw, or fries.

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Oscar’s is pleased to welcome the growing dining options in historic Dublin and across the River Scioto in Bridge Park, Tibbetts said.

“You know, rising water makes all ships float,” he said. “No doubt about it, we are a destination.”

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Oscar of Dublin

Or: 84 N. High St, historic Dublin

Hours: Lunch – 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday; Dinner – 5pm until closing Monday to Saturday; close on Sunday

Contact: 614-792-3424,