American cuisine

David Burke, native of New Jersey and pioneer of American cuisine, becomes brand ambassador for XO Appliances.

CEO of XO, Craig friedman said, “David Burke has identified himself as a true lover of good food and understands what it is experience. Our luxury appliances are designed to provide guests with the perfect restaurant-quality addition to their own outdoor experiences. The opportunity for a non-professional consumer to be able to use the same tools as the pros is a game-changer. We felt that David Burke would be the best guy to put XO to the test and show people all the great things that could be done with our devices.

Named Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2021 New Jersey, Burke has restaurants in seven locations across the state. At 26, Burke’s mastery of cooking earned him the position of Executive Chef of that of New York legendary River Café. He became the first American to win the prestigious Honorary Diploma of the Best Craftsmen of France. He subsequently won from Japan Nippon Award of Excellence and the Robert mondavi Excellence Award. Burke also received a coveted three star New York Times critic for the River Café and became a guest on television Excellent chef.

Regarding the partnership with XO, Burke said, “XO has gone to great lengths to manufacture quality equipment for restaurants. I have opened over 25 successful restaurants around the world and know a little about the amenities. After using the XO devices, I am now a proud owner. The XO equipment in my backyard is better than some of my restaurants! They’re not just functional – every piece should be admired like art. XO never fails to deliver.

XO can’t wait to share Burke’s culinary experiences with them. This will include exclusive monthly recipes developed by him for our clients to recreate them on their own. Customers can take advantage of the professional tips he will use to get the most out of cooking with XO appliances, allowing people to take their own outdoor experiences to a whole new level. Enjoy XO, with love.

SOURCE XO devices