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Looking for Native American cuisine? You need to head to Toppenish

D-Rez and I were supposed to make a stop in Toppenish, WA today, so I thought while we were in town, we should stop for lunch at A&B Native American Cuisine, the home of the Indian taco! I’ve heard good things about it and having never tried fried bread, I was set! Have you ever tried fried bread?

Fried bread is flat bread, fried or fried in oil, shortening or lard. Made with simple ingredients, usually wheat flour, sugar, salt and fat, fried bread can be eaten on its own or with various toppings such as honey, jam, powdered sugar, venison or beef. Fried bread can also be made into a taco-type meal

We came to eat!

D-Rez also hadn’t been to A&B Native American Cuisine, so this was a perfect opportunity to test out the menu and get an honest opinion from someone who loves all the different fried bread options.

Located at 208 S Toppenish Ave, Toppenish, WA 98948, it’s right in the middle of town, and let me tell you, you better be hungry because you’re in for a treat!

They have bacon and fried bun burgers with fries, fried bread sliders, meat pies, Philly cheese fried bread, elk stew and even whipped cream, pie filled fried bread apples, and more!

I went with the supreme Indian taco and absolutely loved the juicy meat, the pinto beans were excellent and the fried bread was soft and delicious. Not greasy at all but had that really tasty fried taste. The portion size is enough to share with a friend and always leave you satisfied.

D-Rez went with the bacon fry bun burger and OMG! It looked like two clouds of fried bread when he picked it up and mentioned that he had never had fried bread with mayo on it and loved it. He also pointed out that it was the softest, fluffiest fried bread he had ever eaten.

I chose to order dessert, apple pie topped with caramel sauce and whipped cream on fried bread and was so stuffed I had to take it home. I’m happy to report that it’s held up really well and hours later it still wasn’t soggy.

Fun fact, if you need/want to reheat your fried bread, you can toss it in a hot skillet on the stove for a few minutes.

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