American cuisine

Marcus Samuelsson sets the record straight for American cuisine

In his shows, restaurants, and cookbooks, Samuelsson explores “about four cuisines in America” ​​that relate directly to the African American experience. American cuisine is a modern umbrella term, which, according to the owner of Red Rooster, brings together all of these heirloom flavors “be it barbecue, Southern, Lowcountry and Korean cuisine.” The major influence of African American techniques, ingredients and flavors are the elements that the Season 2 winner “Top Chef Masters” wanted to highlight in his latest cookbook, “The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food ”(via Eater). Samuelsson learned that cooking is more than following a recipe. “I don’t think my grandmother ever shared a pure recipe with me,” Samuelsson said. “Well, the ritual has been around a lot longer than traditional recipes … it’s word of mouth too.” The chef is not alone, Eater reports that “recipes without a recipe” are making a big comeback.

The chef of Ethiopian origin and raised in Sweden said “every time I cook I think of my family”, and it shouldn’t be a coincidence, “especially when it’s something Ethiopian or Swedish” . Samuelsson translates these rituals in his restaurants, but we find them with the partners he works with in New York, Miami, Bermuda, Sweden, Canada and elsewhere. “Rituals of education are essential and it’s kind of the core of this extended family,” he said. “Whether it’s the cooks you work with or the restaurants you are going to support.” It’s no surprise that Samuelsson is a leader in American cuisine, where ever-changing is nothing short of inspiring.

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