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Montana State University’s “Bug Buffet” Focuses on Native American Cuisine | ABC Fox Bozeman

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Montana State University’s 34th Annual Bug Buffet kicked off Monday with a week of events and activities exploring the history of edible insects in western North America and their relationship to Native American cuisine.

For the past century, native families in Montana have used insects as the main source of protein in their daily diets.

If one wants to learn more about an entomophagy diet of eating insects, MSU invites the community to explore its annual insect buffet while learning more about the lasting impacts of edible insects.

This year’s Bug Buffet menu included:

  • Pumpkin bread with locust or mealworm powder.
  • Scorpion salsa (spicy preparation).
  • Salsa with chapulines (gentle preparation).
  • Black ant tamales.
  • Wild rice, juniper berry sauce, braised cedar chapulines.
  • Pemmican with sunflower seeds and Chapulines.
  • Fried grasshoppers in a marinade.
  • Native American cookie (gluten free, corn base with cricket powder).

Additional Bug Buffet week events include:

  • Tuesday, March 1 – Jeff Tomberlin, who helps lead the Center for Environmental Sustainability Through Insect Farming at Texas A&M University, will speak on insect farming and circular farming at 4 p.m. in the Plant Biosciences Building, Room 108 .
  • Wednesday, March 2 — There will be a screening of the PBS NOVA documentary “Edible Insects” at the Procrastinator Theater at 1 p.m. Insect snacks will be available.
  • Thursday, March 3 — Presentations and workshops will be held in the Great Hall of American Indian Hall by anthropologist Mark Q. Sutton of the University of San Diego; Brian Yazzie, chef at Owamni in Minneapolis; Chief Kay Ann Miller; Jill Flores, MSU Executive Chef for Culinary Services; and Tomberlin. Walter Fleming, Head of the Department of Native American Studies, will deliver welcoming remarks. Additionally, MSU’s dining halls will serve insect dishes based on Indigenous recipes.
  • Saturday, March 5 – The Student Insect Cooking Contest will be held in the Hannon Hall Teaching Kitchen from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Members of the public are invited to attend.

All events are free and open to the public and allergy sufferers should be aware that edible insects can trigger shellfish allergies.