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New Silver Diner restaurant planned for the Loudoun crossroads

CHANTILLY, VA – A new Silver Diner restaurant is coming to Loudoun County. Last week, the restaurant chain announced that it had signed a lease to bring a new location to the future Loudoun Crossroads shopping center in Chantilly.

The Loudoun Crossroads location is expected to open in the summer of 2023, according to Silver Diner. The Chantilly facility will be located on Pleasant Valley Road, on the south side of Highway 50.

The new restaurant will be Loudoun County’s second Silver Diner. The first is located in Ashburn and opened in June 2021.

Loudoun Crossroads is a planned mall that will house merchants and restaurants. The project is developed by Blue Summit LLC and leased by Rapaport.

Chris Pamboukian is the Senior Brokerage Manager for Rappaport.

“We are delighted to have Silver Diner as a tenant at Loudoun Crossroads,” Pamboukian said in a press release. “Silver Diner is one of my favorite places, it’s known for its modern American breakfast dining experience, classic burgers and signature shakes. I know it will be a hit at Loudoun Crossroads.”

The Loudoun Crossroads Silver Diner restaurant will be self-contained. The layout will be identical to Ashburn’s Silver Diner.

Robert Giaimo, CEO and co-founder of Silver Diner, said the restaurant chain plans to continue to grow after more than 30 years in business.

“We have tailored our updated restaurant concept to meet various architectural retail opportunities and adapted to best meet the demands and needs of our customers,” Giaimo said in a press release. “Our ability to adapt our architecture and evolve our menu while maintaining the essence of a restaurant, has been key to our success. It’s all about adaptability, evolution, listening to customer feedback and proposing menu options.”

Silver Diner is known for its diverse menu featuring classic staples and accessible vegan, plant-based or gluten-free options.