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LA’s Yangban Company serves modern Korean-American cuisine – Robb Report

Yangban Society, the deli and Los Angeles market that couple chefs Katianna and John Hong opened on Monday, is all about mixing cultures while creating their own culinary language. “We are not in any way trying to elevate Korean cuisine or modernize Korean cuisine,” Katianna says. “We’re just trying to find food that is authentic […]

American cuisine

Señor Sisig, Pioneer of Filipino-American Cuisine, Grows and Continues to Innovate a Decade Later

Señor Sisig in the Mission Mr. Sisig The Filipino food movement is in full swing and the leader of this movement in the San Francisco Bay Area is none other than Señor Sisig. Known for its Filipino-American-Mexican fusion of sisig tacos and burritos, this popular restaurant celebrated 10 years in business last year. Inspired by […]

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Ed Debevic’s plans to reopen popular restaurant Diner in Streeterville

The owners of the closed kitsch 1950s style dinner Ed debevic plan to sing and dance again in the heart of Chicago with a new location in Streeterville. The owners applied for a liquor license late last month for the first floor of 159 E. Ohio Street, less than a block from Michigan Avenue. Plans […]